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Specimens: Lymantridae

Please note: we may still be awaiting delivery of some of these new arrivals, also some sell very quickly. Prices subject to change

Euproctis chrysophaeaMoroccoLymantridaeEuproctis chrysophaea--A1P 30.00

Euproctis chrysophaeaMoroccoLymantridaeEuproctis chrysophaea--A1M 12.00

Lymantria atlanticaMoroccoLymantridaeLymantria atlantica--A1M 25.00

Lymantria atlanticaMoroccoLymantridaeLymantria atlantica--A1F 30.00

Orgyia dubia IsraelLymantridaeOrgyia dubia --A1-M 10.00

Online Catalogue > Moths > Holarctic/USA > Lymantridae