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Specimens: Eupterotidae

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Hoplojana soricisCameroonEupterotidaeHoplojana soricis--A2M 4.00

Jana gracilisCameroonEupterotidaeJana gracilis--A-M 6.00

Jana gracilisCameroonEupterotidaeJana gracilis--A2M 3.00

Jana striginaCameroonEupterotidaeJana strigina--A-M 8.00

Jana striginaCameroonEupterotidaeJana strigina--A2M 4.00

Parajana gabunicaCameroonEupterotidaeParajana gabunica--A-M 6.00

Parajana gabunicaCameroonEupterotidaeParajana gabunica--A2M 3.00

Phiala species?CameroonEupterotidaePhiala species?--A-M 5.00

Online Catalogue > Moths > Afrotropical > Eupterotidae