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Specimens: Uraniidae

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Alcides agathyrus W-PapuaUraniidaeAlcides agathyrus --A1F 20.00

Alcides agathyrus Timika / Sorong, YapenUraniidaeAlcides agathyrus --A1-M 15.00

Alcides aruus Aru IslandUraniidaeAlcides aruus --A1M

Alcides aruusAruUraniidaeAlcides aruus--A-F

Alcides aurora New IrelandUraniidaeAlcides aurora --A- / A2 M

Alcides aurora New BritainUraniidaeAlcides aurora --A1- M

Alcides aurora New BritainUraniidaeAlcides aurora --A1- / A-M

Alcides aurora New BritainUraniidaeAlcides aurora --A1M

Alcides boopsAruUraniidaeAlcides boops--A1F 20.00

Alcides boopsAruUraniidaeAlcides boops--A-M 10.00

Alcides coerulea PNGUraniidaeAlcides coerulea --A1M

Alcides cydnusIrian JayaUraniidaeAlcides cydnus--A1M 17.00

Alcides cydnusIrian JayaUraniidaeAlcides cydnus--A1F 28.00

Alcides latonaSolomon, GuadalcanalUraniidaeAlcides latona--A- / A2 M

Alcides latonaSolomon, GuadalcanalUraniidaeAlcides latona--A1- / A- M

Alcides leoneIrian JayaUraniidaeAlcides leone--A1-M

Alcides liris Halmahera, MorotaiUraniidaeAlcides liris --A1M 15.00

Alcides liris PNGUraniidaeAlcides liris ssp?A1M 15.00

Alcides metaurusAustraliaUraniidaeAlcides metaurus--A1M 39.90

Alcides metaurusAustraliaUraniidaeAlcides metaurus--A1F 49.90

Alcides metaurusAustraliaUraniidaeAlcides metauruspink formA1M 59.90

Alcides metaurusAustraliaUraniidaeAlcides metauruspink formA1F 79.90

Alcides orontesBuru, CeramUraniidaeAlcides orontes--A1-M 15.00

Alcides orontesBuru, CeramUraniidaeAlcides orontes--A1M 17.00

Alcides orontesAmbonUraniidaeAlcides orontes--A1M 19.00

Alcides orontesCeramUraniidaeAlcides orontes--A1F

Alcides privitera (2007)Sorong Isl.IndonesiaUraniidaeAlcides privitera (2007)--A1-M

Alcides privitera Misool IslandUraniidaeAlcides privitera new ssp?A1M 65.00

Alcides privitera Misool IslandUraniidaeAlcides privitera new ssp?A1F 95.00

Alcides privitera Misool IslandUraniidaeAlcides privitera new ssp?A1F 95.00

Alcides ribbeiBougainville, PNGUraniidaeAlcides ribbei--A1--M 225.00

Alcides ribbeiBougainville, PNGUraniidaeAlcides ribbei--A1M 265.00

Alcides ribbeiBougainville, PNGUraniidaeAlcides ribbei--A1F 365.00

Alcides ribbeiBougainville, PNGUraniidaeAlcides ribbei--A1-F 325.00

Alcides ribbeiBougainville, PNGUraniidaeAlcides ribbei-- (L size)A-M

Alcides tristisBuru, CeramUraniidaeAlcides tristis--A1M

Micronia swinhoei? PNG, New BritainUraniidaeMicronia swinhoei? --A1F 25.00

Nyctalemon macleayi HalmaheraUraniidaeNyctalemon macleayi kotzenbergi A-F 90.00

Nyctalemon macleayi AustraliaUraniidaeNyctalemon macleayi ssp? A1-M

Nyctalemon mutatus Bougainville, PNGUraniidaeNyctalemon mutatus f.fletcheri A1-M 45.00

Nyctalemon mutatusSolomonsUraniidaeNyctalemon mutatus--A1-M 35.00

Nyctalemon mutatusSolomonsUraniidaeNyctalemon mutatus--A-M 25.00

Nyctalemon mutatusSolomonsUraniidaeNyctalemon mutatus--A1-F 45.00

Nyctalemon mutatusSolomonsUraniidaeNyctalemon mutatus--A-F 30.00

Nyctalemon patroclus PNG, New IrelandUraniidaeNyctalemon patroclus --A-M

Online Catalogue > Moths > Australasian > Uraniidae