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Specimens: Noctuidae

Please note: we may still be awaiting delivery of some of these new arrivals, also some sell very quickly. Prices subject to change

Agarista agricolaAustralia NoctuidaeAgarista agricolabiformisA1M 125.00

Agarista agricolaAustralia NoctuidaeAgarista agricolabiformisA1F 79.90

Agarista agricolaAustralia NoctuidaeAgarista agricolabiformisA1P 125.00

Cyclodes spectansAustralia NoctuidaeCyclodes spectans--A1-- 15.00

Erebus sp.1 Solomon IslandsNoctuidaeErebus sp.1 --A1-M 15.00

Erebus sp.1 Solomon IslandsNoctuidaeErebus sp.1 --A1-F 20.00

Eudocime fulloniaAustralia NoctuidaeEudocime fullonia--A1M 18.00

Eudocime fulloniaAustralia NoctuidaeEudocime fullonia--A1-M 15.00

Online Catalogue > Moths > Australasian > Noctuidae