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Specimens: Hepialidae

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Abantiades barcas AustraliaHepialidaeAbantiades barcas --A1M 120.00

Abantiades hyalinatus AustraliaHepialidaeAbantiades hyalinatus --A1- / A- M

Abantiades hyalinatus AustraliaHepialidaeAbantiades hyalinatus --A2M

Abantiades hydrographusTasmaniaHepialidaeAbantiades hydrographus--A1- M

Abantiades labyrinthicusAustraliaHepialidaeAbantiades labyrinthicus--A1- / A- M

Abantiades magnificusAustraliaHepialidaeAbantiades magnificus--A1- / A- M 60.00

Abantiades magnificusAustraliaHepialidaeAbantiades magnificus--A- M 45.00

Aenetus mirabilis AustraliaHepialidaeAenetus mirabilis --A- / A2F

Aenetus virescensNew ZealandHepialidaeAenetus virescens--A1M 95.00

Aenetus virescensNew ZealandHepialidaeAenetus virescens--A1-M 85.00

Oxycanus sp. 1Indonesia, ArfakHepialidaeOxycanus sp. 1--A1-M 175.00

Oxycanus sp. 2Indonesia, ArfakHepialidaeOxycanus sp. 2--A1- / A-M 155.00

Zelotypia stacyiAustralia HepialidaeZelotypia stacyi--A1P

Online Catalogue > Moths > Australasian > Hepialidae