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Specimens: Geometridae

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Dysphania pilosa BougainvilleGeometridaeDysphania pilosa pilosaA1M

Dysphania pilosa BougainvilleGeometridaeDysphania pilosa pilosaA1-M

Dysphania pilosa BougainvilleGeometridaeDysphania pilosa pilosaA-M

Dysphania tyrianthina BougainvilleGeometridaeDysphania tyrianthina semifulvaA1-F

Dysphania aureoguttataTaliabuGeometridaeDysphania aureoguttata--A1- / A-F 18.00

Dysphania numana Biak, WaigeoGeometridaeDysphania numana ssp A1-M 12.00

Dysphania numana Biak, WaigeoGeometridaeDysphania numana ssp A1-F 16.00

Miliona arfakiWest PNGGeometridaeMiliona arfaki--A-M 16.00

Miliona rawakensisAustralia GeometridaeMiliona rawakensis--A1M 15.00

Miliona rawakensisAustralia GeometridaeMiliona rawakensis--A1F 20.00

Miliona talbotiCeramGeometridaeMiliona talboti--A1F 30.00

Milionia queenslandicusAustralia GeometridaeMilionia queenslandicus--A1--

Online Catalogue > Moths > Australasian > Geometridae