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Specimens: Fulgoridae

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Aphaena aurantiaThailandFulgoridaeAphaena aurantia--A1-- 7.50

Aphaena sp similar submaculataMalaysiaFulgoridaeAphaena sp similar submaculata--A1-- 7.50

Fulgoridae sp.1 North LuzonFulgoridaeFulgoridae sp.1 --A1--- 24.90

Fulgoridae sp.1 North LuzonFulgoridaeFulgoridae sp.1 --A--- 19.90

Fulgoridae sp.2North LuzonFulgoridaeFulgoridae sp.2--A1-- 19.90

Fulgoridae sp.2North LuzonFulgoridaeFulgoridae sp.2--A1-/A--- 14.90

Fulgoridae sp.3North LuzonFulgoridaeFulgoridae sp.3--A1-- 34.90

Fulgoridae sp.4North LuzonFulgoridaeFulgoridae sp.4--A1-- 29.90

Fulgoridae sp.4North LuzonFulgoridaeFulgoridae sp.4--A1--- 24.90

Fulgoridae sp.5North LuzonFulgoridaeFulgoridae sp.5--A1-- 39.90

Fulgoridae sp.5North LuzonFulgoridaeFulgoridae sp.5--A1--- 34.90

Fulgoridae sp.5North LuzonFulgoridaeFulgoridae sp.5--A2-- 19.90

Kiladasa nigromaculataThailandFulgoridaeKiladasa nigromaculata--A1-- 18.00

Pyrops clavataThailandFulgoridaePyrops clavata--A1-- 9.00

Pyrops lethbuuri LaosFulgoridaePyrops lethbuuri (orange form)A1-- 12.00

Pyrops lethbuuri LaosFulgoridaePyrops lethbuuri (white form)A1-- 9.00

Pyrops species? China, Hainan IslandFulgoridaePyrops species? --A1-- 12.50

Saiva cardinalis? ThailandFulgoridaeSaiva cardinalis? --A1-- 12.50

Saiva bullata ThailandFulgoridaeSaiva bullata --A1-- 4.50

Saiva sp. similar gemmata MalaysiaFulgoridaeSaiva sp. similar gemmata --A1-- 8.00

Zanna terminalisMalaysiaFulgoridaeZanna terminalis--A1-- 8.00