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Specimens: Odonatae

Please note: we may still be awaiting delivery of some of these new arrivals, also some sell very quickly. Prices subject to change

Megaloprepus coerulatusPanama, Costa RicaOdonataeMegaloprepus coerulatus--A1F 35.00

Megaloprepus coerulatusPanama, Costa RicaOdonataeMegaloprepus coerulatus--A1-F 30.00

Megaloprepus coerulatusPanama,Costa RicaOdonataeMegaloprepus coerulatus--A1M 35.00

Megaloprepus coerulatusPanama,Costa RicaOdonataeMegaloprepus coerulatus--A1P 60.00

Odonata sp.1 Mecistogaster ornataPanamaOdonataeOdonata sp.1 Mecistogaster ornata--A1no sex 25.00

Odonata sp.2 Erythrodiplax funerea?PanamaOdonataeOdonata sp.2 Erythrodiplax funerea?--A-no sex

Odonata sp.3 PanamaOdonataeOdonata sp.3 --A1no sex 5.00