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Specimens: Satyridae

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Elymnias beza MindanaoSatyridaeElymnias beza bezaA1P 90.00

Elymnias hypermnestra ThailandSatyridaeElymnias hypermnestra tinctoriaA1M 6.00

Elymnias hypermnestra ThailandSatyridaeElymnias hypermnestra tinctoriaA1-M 4.50

Elymnias hypermnestra ThailandSatyridaeElymnias hypermnestra tinctoriaA1-F 6.00

Elymnias malelas ThailandSatyridaeElymnias malelas ivena A1M 8.00

Lethe bojonia TaiwanSatyridaeLethe bojonia --A1M 60.00

Lethe bojonia TaiwanSatyridaeLethe bojonia --A1-M 55.00

Lethe chandica TaiwanSatyridaeLethe chandica ratnacri A1F 30.00

Lethe christophi TaiwanSatyridaeLethe christophi hanako A1M 60.00

Lethe dura LaosSatyridaeLethe dura mansonia A-F 10.00

Lethe gemina TaiwanSatyridaeLethe gemina zaitha A1M 70.00

Lethe insana TaiwanSatyridaeLethe insana formosana A1M 30.00

Lethe insana TaiwanSatyridaeLethe insana formosana A1F 60.00

Lethe mataja TaiwanSatyridaeLethe mataja --A1M 30.00

Lethe verma TaiwanSatyridaeLethe verma cinamaniA1M 30.00

Minois nagasawaeTaiwanSatyridaeMinois nagasawae--A1M

Minois nagasawaeTaiwanSatyridaeMinois nagasawae--A1F 100.00

Minois nagasawaeTaiwanSatyridaeMinois nagasawae--A-P 80.00

Neope armandii TaiwanSatyridaeNeope armandii lacticoloraA1M 80.00

Neope bremeri TaiwanSatyridaeNeope bremeri taiwanaA1M 25.00

Neope muirheadi TaiwanSatyridaeNeope muirheadi nagasawae A1M 15.00

Penthema darlisa ThailandSatyridaePenthema darlisa mimeticaA1M 10.00

Ptychandra lorquinii South Luzon, MindoraSatyridaePtychandra lorquinii mindoraA1-M 18.00

Ptychandra lorquinii South Luzon, MindoraSatyridaePtychandra lorquinii mindoraA-M 10.00

Yphthima tappanaTaiwanSatyridaeYphthima tappana--A1P 45.00

Ypthima formosana TaiwanSatyridaeYpthima formosana --A1M 25.00

Ypthima okurai TaiwanSatyridaeYpthima okurai --A1M 35.00

Zophoessa dura TaiwanSatyridaeZophoessa dura neoclides A1M 35.00

Zophoessa nittakanaTaiwanSatyridaeZophoessa nittakana--A1M 30.00

Online Catalogue > Oriental > Satyridae