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Specimens: Hesperiidae

Please note: we may still be awaiting delivery of some of these new arrivals, also some sell very quickly. Prices subject to change

Ampittia virgata TaiwanHesperiidaeAmpittia virgata myakei A1M 15.00

Celaenorrhinus kurosawai TaiwanHesperidaeCelaenorrhinus kurosawai --A1M 30.00

Coladenia buchananii LaosHesperiidaeColadenia buchananii --A1M 12.00

Erionota torus TaiwanHesperidaeErionota torus --A1M 30.00

Erionota torus TaiwanHesperidaeErionota torus --A1-M 25.00

Hasora danda? LaosHesperiidaeHasora danda? --A-F 10.00

Notocrypta curvifascia TaiwanHesperidaeNotocrypta curvifascia --A1M 20.00

Ochlodes formosanus TaiwanHesperidaeOchlodes formosanus --A1M 30.00

Polytremis eltola TaiwanHesperidaePolytremis eltola tappana A1M 30.00

Tagiades cohaerens  TaiwanHesperidaeTagiades cohaerens --A1M 15.00

Online Catalogue > Oriental > Hesperiidae