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Specimens: Amathusiidae

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Faunis emeus TaiwanAmathusiidaeFaunis emeus emeusA1M

Stichophthalma louisa LaosAmathusiidaeStichophthalma louisa mathilda?A1F 20.00

Stichophthalma neumogeni? LaosAmathusiidaeStichophthalma neumogeni? ssp? A1-M 10.00

Thaumantis diores LaosAmathusiidaeThaumantis diores splendensA1M 15.00

Thaumantis diores LaosAmathusiidaeThaumantis diores splendensA-M 7.00

Thauria lathyi ThailandAmathusiidaeThauria lathyi siamensisA1-M 9.00

Online Catalogue > Oriental > Amathusiidae