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Specimens: Acraeidae

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Actinote anteas PanamaAcraeidaeActinote anteas --A1-F 8.00

Actinote anteas Costa RicaAcraeidaeActinote anteas --A1M 4.00

Actinote anteas Costa RicaAcraeidaeActinote anteas --A1F 6.00

Actinote guatemalena MexicoAcraeidaeActinote guatemalena guatemalenaA1M 8.00

Actinote guatamalena MexicoAcraeidaeActinote guatamalena guatemalenaA1F 12.00

Altinote negraEcuadorAcraeidaeAltinote negrascotosisA1/A-P 19.90

Altinoe ozomene (=leucemelas)Costa RicaAcraeidaeAltinoe ozomene (=leucemelas)noxA1M 4.90

Altinote ozomene(=leucomelas)MexicoAcraeidaeAltinote ozomene(=leucomelas)noxA1M 4.90

Altinote ozomene(=leucomelas)MexicoAcraeidaeAltinote ozomene(=leucomelas)noxA1F 6.90

Online Catalogue > Neotropical > Acraeidae