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Specimens: Danaidae

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Danaus chrysippus SpainDanaidaeDanaus chrysippus chrysippusA-M 6.00

Danaus chrysippus SpainDanaidaeDanaus chrysippus chrysippusA-F 8.00

Danaus gilippusArizonaDanaidaeDanaus gilippusthersippusA1-P 12.90

Danaus gilippusCaliforniaDanaidaeDanaus gilippusthersippusA1M 9.50

Danaus gilippusCaliforniaDanaidaeDanaus gilippusthersippusA1F 9.50

Danaus plexippusCanary isl.TeneriffeDanaidaeDanaus plexippus--A1-M 19.90

Danaus plexippusCanary isl.TeneriffeDanaidaeDanaus plexippus--A1-F 24.90

Euploea sylvester China, HainanDanaidaeEuploea sylvester harrisii? A1M 5.00