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Specimens: Satyridae

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Coenyra hebeSouth AfricaSatyridaeCoenyra hebeborbonicaA1-F

Coenyra hebeSouth AfricaSatyridaeCoenyra hebe--A1M

Henotesia narcissus La ReunionSatyridaeHenotesia narcissus borbonicaA1-M 5.00

Henotesia narcissus La ReunionSatyridaeHenotesia narcissus borbonicaA1-F 8.00

Henotesia narcissus MauritiusSatyridaeHenotesia narcissus narcissusA1-M 5.00

Henotesia narcissus MauritiusSatyridaeHenotesia narcissus narcissusA1-F 8.00

Paralethes dendrophilusSouth AfricaSatyridaeParalethes dendrophilus--A1-M 20.00

Physcaneura pandaSouth AfricaSatyridaePhyscaneura panda--A1-M

Physcaneura pandaSouth AfricaSatyridaePhyscaneura panda--A1-F

Physcaneura pandaSouth AfricaSatyridaePhyscaneura panda--A-F

Online Catalogue > Afrotropical > Satyridae