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Specimens: Lycaenidae

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Anthene lycaenoidesAustraliaLycaenidaeAnthene lycaenoides--A1M 30.00

Arhopala eurisus GuadacanalLycaenidaeArhopala eurisus eurisus A2M 5.00

Arhopala eurisus GuadacanalLycaenidaeArhopala eurisus eurisus A-F 9.00

Arhopala eurisus GuadacanalLycaenidaeArhopala eurisus eurisus A2F 5.00

Arophala wildei AustraliaLycaenidaeArophala wildei --A1M 35.00

Arophala wildei AustraliaLycaenidaeArophala wildei --A1-M 30.00

Bindahara phocides GuadacanalLycaenidaeBindahara phocides chromis A2M 4.00

Candalides absimilisAustraliaLycaenidaeCandalides absimilis--A1M 35.00

Curetis barsine Bougainville, PNGLycaenidaeCuretis barsine solitaA1M 8.00

Deudorix diovisAustraliaLycaenidaeDeudorix diovis--A1P 35.00

Deudorix diovisAustraliaLycaenidaeDeudorix diovis--A1-/ A-P 30.00

Hypochrysops apelles AustraliaLycaenidaeHypochrysops apelles apelles A-P 35.00

Hypochrysops deliciaAustraliaLycaenidaeHypochrysops deliciadeliciaA1M

Jalmenus eichhorniAustraliaLycaenidaeJalmenus eichhorni--A1P 20.00

Jalmenus evagoras AustraliaLycaenidaeJalmenus evagoras --A1M 22.00

Jalmenus evagoras AustraliaLycaenidaeJalmenus evagoras --A1F 30.00

Jamides godenovii GuadacanalLycaenidaeJamides godenovii --A1-F

Liphyra brassolis Solomon Isl. GuadacanalLycaenidaeLiphyra brassolis salomonis A1 / A-M

Liphyra brassolis Solomon Isl. Gizo Isl.LycaenidaeLiphyra brassolis salomonis A1- / A-F

Luthrodes cleotasNew CaledoniaLycaenidaeLuthrodes cleotasexcellensA1P 20.00

Lycaena boldenarumNew ZealandLycaenidaeLycaena boldenarum--A1M 20.00

Lycaena boldenarumNew ZealandLycaenidaeLycaena boldenarum--A1F 30.00

Lycaena feredayiNew ZealandLycaenidaeLycaena feredayi--A1-M 30.00

Lycaena rauparahaNew ZealandLycaenidaeLycaena rauparaha-- A1-P 35.00

Lycaena rauparahaNew ZealandLycaenidaeLycaena rauparaha-- A-P 20.00

Lycaena salustius New ZealandLycaenidaeLycaena salustius Lowland form A1M 15.00

Lycaena salustius New ZealandLycaenidaeLycaena salustius Lowland form A1F 25.00

Lycaena salustius New ZealandLycaenidaeLycaena salustius Mountain form A1M 15.00

Lycaena salustius New ZealandLycaenidaeLycaena salustius Mountain formA1F 25.00

Lycaenidae - mixed lot Solomon Isl. GuadacanalLycaenidaeLycaenidae - mixed lot 10 x specimensA1 / A--- 40.00

Ogyris amaryllisAustraliaLycaenidaeOgyris amaryllis--A1P

Orgyris genovevaAustraliaLycaenidaeOrgyris genovevaduaringaA1- / A-P 45.00

Ogyris genoveva AustraliaLycaenidaeOgyris genoveva genoveva A1P 70.00

Ogyris olane EPAustraliaLycaenidaeOgyris olane EP--A1F 35.00

Ogyris oroetes AustraliaLycaenidaeOgyris oroetes ssp?A1P 95.00

Ogyris oroetes AustraliaLycaenidaeOgyris oroetes ssp?A1F 55.00

Philiris nitens AustraliaLycaenidaePhiliris nitens --A1M 35.00

Pseudalmenus chlorinda AustraliaLycaenidaePseudalmenus chlorinda barringtonensisA1P 95.00

Theclinesthes onycha AustraliaLycaenidaeTheclinesthes onycha ssp?A1M 15.00

Theclinesthes onycha AustraliaLycaenidaeTheclinesthes onycha ssp?A1F

Theclinesthes serpentataAustraliaLycaenidaeTheclinesthes serpentata--A1P

Online Catalogue > Australasian > Lycaenidae