We specialise in rare and common butterflies from the Neotropical (Central/South America, Caribbean Islands) and Holarctic regions (North America, Europe, Asia).

We also offer specimens from Afrotropical (Africa), Oriental (India, Thailand to Indonesia) and the Australian (Australia, New Guinea to Fiji) regions.

We have many moths (including Sphingides and Saturnides) and beetles.

You can view our latest specimens list here. Alternatively, get in touch with your area of interest, or specific specimens you'd like to add to your collection. Contact details can be found at the bottom of the page.

For orders over €500 we accept partial payment and will reserve the specimen/s for you. For more details please .

What's new

Pseudochazara amymone

Pseudochazara amymone

Locality: Albania

Male A1-

Special offer: €95.00

Euthalia durga

Euthalia durga

ssp: splendens | Male A1-

Locality: Burma


Polygrapha (Memphis) suprema

Polygrapha (Memphis) suprema

Rare mountain species from Brazil

A1- male now only 295euro

Graellsia isabellae X Actias luna HybridPapilio machaonides

Papilio machaonides

Location: Dominican Republic

Male A1-

OFFER | €59,90

Reduced from €124.99.

Papilio esperanza

Papilio esperanza

Location: Mexico

Males of different qualities available. Prices from €650 to €1,200 (A1 quality).

Please ask for actual pictures (collected with collecting permit)

Atlantarctia dido

Atlantarctia dido

One of the most difficult to get Tigermoths.

Location: Tunisia

male A1 €700.00
female A1 €990.00

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